Entrusted to Industry Professionals. Co.Tra.S. Leader in Designing and Installing Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Co.tra.s. offers its advice on Designing and Installing the Irrigation System ideal for your garden. From the analysis of the ground to the positioning of the hydraulic elements, Co.tra.s. Responds to every type of request from public or private customers thanks to the collaboration of leading companies in the industry.

With our Irrigation Plant Design and Installation service, we operate throughout the province of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and in the municipality of Imola.

Our Planning and Installation Service Irrigation Systems includes:

  • Constant support from the budget to the realization of the irrigation system; 
  • Realization of the irrigation system, even fully automatic. Useful advice: Only qualified personnel in the installation of the Irrigation System; 
  • Remember that a clear garden design (with plants, flowerbeds, and any external wood structures) allows the installer to design an irrigazionesu measuring system with short installation times and no subsequent modifications; 
  • Always keep in mind the kind of material you are looking for to get good value for money; 
  • Use the irrigation system according to the season and the outdoor temperatures; 
  • Ask to install a sensor that disables the irrigation system in case of rain.