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Industrial Logistics

Diamond point between company services, Co.tra.s. Offers you a well-established, multi-yearly experience, highly specialized and trained staff, to ensure you have inimitable management of materials, production and industrial distribution.

For years Co.tra.s. Works in the ceramic sector, within Ceramica of the Conca Ceramica, Cerdomus Ceramica, but also in wine companies such as Caviro, the leader of table wine such as Tavernello. It is also active in spare parts and recycling of plastic materials as well as in chemical companies.

Our work consists in:

  • Handling of outdoor terraces for handling by using forklifts. 
  • Loading and unloading products. 
  • Organization of warehouse products with computerized systems (if the company is equipped) through electronic equipment such as port terminals, handhelds and other devices.

Co.tra.s. Operates every day in compliance with the fees imposed by the labor safety regulations.

For this activity we use:

  • forklifts. 
  • Hand pallet truck on board. 
  • Other equipment provided on the basis of the work required.