We free your furniture and paper materials from tarls, tarmees, eggs or other parasites.

Disinfestation of Wood and Paper Products

We deal in the easy and definitive way of disinfection from Tarli, Tarme, Eggs or other parasites of your furniture and paper materials with a special CO2 treatment done by us directly in the office that allows you to refresh furniture and materials within a few days Paper in an easy and definitive way.

We operate, with our Disinfestation service, throughout the province of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and in the municipality of Imola. Disinfection from Tarli, Tarme, Eggs or other parasites is absolutely natural and does not involve the use of poisons; your disinfection will also honor the environment.

With Co.tra.s. You can say goodbye to tarli and tarme forever.

This Disinfestation service is ideal for furniture, books, and antique artifacts of individuals, corporations and corporations.

The treatment of Disinfestation from Tarli, Tarme, Eggs or other Pests consists of:

  • Pick up of furniture and / or paper materials directly on site by our operators; 
  • Transport to our office; 
  • Insert for 20 days the material to be disinfected in a watertight cell filled with carbon dioxide; 
  • Constant maintenance of CO2 level during Disruption period; Dedication of disinfected material.



At the end of the treatment of Disinfestation will be removed from furniture and paper materials tarli, eggs or other parasites.