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Cotras Faenza: about us


The first years: from porthole to industrial logistics


Co.tra.s. Was born in 1987 as a small docking business, offering a purely operational service in the province of Ravenna. Spend a few years and the company grows fast, specializing in industrial logistics.

It is 1995 and Co.tra.s. Assumes the management of some SARIAF services, a historic brand, today international in the industry, which produces fertilizers and anti-cruelty products. It is the first sign of a reality that he intends to place on the market.


The ceramic sector and the new technologies


Over the years Co.tra.s core business. It's all about industrial logistics in the ceramic area, along with the movers, but the company is beginning to expand its expertise and expertise in the management of chemical, food and mechanical machinery.

From the work of pure fatigue, therefore, Co.tra.s. Goes through control and monitoring, thanks to the use of the most modern technology. With computers and handhelds, which the staffs give the staff, it satisfies the internal and external handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, in a fully computerized manner.


From the economic crisis to new services


Since 2008, the year of the explosion of the economic crisis, Co.tra.s. He chooses to seek only the high qualification of his employees by setting up level upgrades. At the same time, it extends its reach in industrial logistics throughout Romagna and in several directions: since 2009 Co.tra.s. Offers in-house service for the safe disinfestation of wood and paper products, as well as offering public and private customers the maintenance of greenery and pruning at altitude.


The new horizons of Co.tra.s.


2010 for Co.tra.s. Is the turn of the year. The company decides to expand its scope by offering maintenance and assembly irrigation systems for public and private customers. But not only. Co.tra.s. Pointing to the environment, becoming a reference point for renewable energies, providing assembly and maintenance services for photovoltaic plants.




Improve each day to provide added value to your service. This is the philosophy that animates us in staff training, but also in providing services to companies and our customers. Being present in the country to support and give it strength, but also to offer our expertise to individuals who need targeted and effective interventions over time: it is with this spirit that we present, as a guarantee of continued security and professionalism.




Co.tra.s. It employs 120 employees who over the years have become a professional work team

And highly specialized, able to satisfy every need. Constantly formed in safety at work, the staff is attentive and aware of the inclusion of new hires, risk management and the protection of the person.